WealthAbility is the NEW home of TaxFreeWealthAdvisor.com

Achieve Your Financial Dream…Faster

Reduce your taxes by 10-40% and reach your goals 18 years faster than average.

WealthAbility is Tom Wheelwright’s revolutionary platform of educational tools and global network of CPAs trusted by over 244,123 entrepreneurs and investors to reduce taxes and create wealth.

Way More Money, Way Less Tax

Reduce taxes by 10-40% Get Richer, Quicker.

100% Confidence

Know You’re Doing Exactly the Right Things to Get Where You Want to Go

Own Your Future

You Control Your Money and Future…Not Wall Street
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On average, our clients reach their financial dreams 18 years faster than the average person.

Here’s how you can do it, too.

The WealthAbility Process

Design Your Plan

We’ll get a full picture of your current situation and future goals. Together, we’ll design a detailed 5-7 year plan to achieve your financial dream

Minimize Your Taxes

We work hand-in-hand to legally reduce your taxes by 10-40%

Optimize Your Business

Identify changes in your business structure & operations to maximize your tax incentives

Accelerate Your Wealth

Realize your financial dreams far faster than you ever thought possible

How We’re Different

We believe…
  • You are fully capable of navigating your own financial future.
  • You don’t need Wall Street, financial planners or anyone else to take control of your money.
  • The tax law is a set of incentives that can grow your wealth…not something to fear.
  • You deserve to have total confidence in your financial strategy.
  • Most CPAs are reactive. They crunch numbers, but don’t know how to build your future.
  • You deserve a team that is not afraid of the IRS, and will proactively partner with you and the government to make you rich.

Wall Street Wants to Take Your Money and Run.

Wall Street and financial planners think you’re too dumb to control your own money. And they’re more than happy to get rich off your hard work.

At WealthAbility, we know you are FULLY CAPABLE of navigating your own financial future.

You can achieve your financial dream. We Can Help.