Learn to Create a Remarkable Customer Experience for Your CPA Firm

A 3-Day Leadership Conference for CPAs with Tom Wheelwright, Special Guests and 22 Hours CPE*

May 28-30, 2020  | Online Event

Conference Overview

Key Takeaways

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Conference Overview

Turn Your Clients Into Avid Fans

Make Your Clients More Profitable

Have Fun in Your Practice (even during a crisis)


Get More Referrals

Many CPAs believe the only thing that matters to their clients is compliance and technical skill. The reality is that our clients (and potential clients) are looking for more, especially during times of crisis. Yes – they expect compliance and technical excellence…but every firm on every street can promise that. So, what makes you different? 


How can you differentiate yourself from the hordes of other firms in your city? What can you do to ensure your clients stick with you for years? And how do you get them to refer all their friends to you?


The answer is to create a consistently unique client experience.


At WealthAbility®, we refer to this as being “Client Centric,” and it is the most important function of your business.


“Client Centric” encompasses how you onboard your clients, how (and how often) you communicate, how you train, how you create results, and even how your clients feel about you.


This event will show CPAs and other accounting professionals  how to create an amazing client experience from top-to-bottom.

  • You will get behind-the-scenes insight into the systems that have driven the predictable success of Tom Wheelwright’s multi-million-dollar accounting firms.
  • You will receive practical tips and strategies for elevating the experience your clients have with you across every key customer touch-point.
  • You will get insight into how your firm needs to operate in order to attract and retain high net worth highly profitable and even high-profile clientele.
  • You will learn new ways to run your firm so that you create such a distinct service that you achieve the holy grail of business: warm referrals to ideal clients on a regular basis.

You will learn all this in a high-energy, fun, interactive environment while knocking out a large chunk of your annual CPE requirement.

Key Takeaways


Create a client experience so unusual that your clients refer 1-2 new clients (or more) each year

Build a high-performing team that doesn’t need babysitting
How to make it easier for your clients to refer you

Train clients to do what’s in their best interest and make your job easier

Attract and retain high-net-worth clients by mastering the softer skills they don’t teach in school

Provide more value to your clients while spending less of your time

Simplify the process of achieving consistently great results for your clients

Event Speakers

Tom Wheelwright, CPA

CEO of WealthAbility® & Best Selling Author of Tax-Free Wealth


Topic: How to Create a Thriving Personal Economy

Kim Kiyosaki

President, Rich Dad Companies


Topic: Transform Your Clients, Your Practice and Your Life

Blair Singer

Author, Speaker, CEO of Excel Training


Topic: Why Isn’t Your Cash Flow Where You Want It???

Andy Tanner

Speaker, Author, CEO of Tanner Training


Topic: Are You a Technician or an Entrepreneur?

Lisa Lannon



Topic: What Happens When You Can’t Relate to a Client?

Buck Joffrey

Physician, Professional Real Estate Investor


Topic: Can Your Clients Get Your Attention?!!

Doug Lodmell

Attorney, Asset Protection Specialist


Topic: How to Keep Your Clients Out of Lawsuits

Brad Ferguson

Sandler Training


Topic: Who’s In Charge – You or Your Clients?

Registration & Pricing

Money-Back Guarantee

We know it’s a big investment to leave work for an event like this. So, to reduce the risk to you (and to demonstrate our trust in the value of this content) we offer a full, money-back guarantee. In fact, if you don’t believe you have learned something that could achieve at least $10,000 in value for your business by the end of day 1, we will refund your entire investment in the conference. No questions asked.

What’s In It For Me?
• How to make clients sticky – in today’s new normal video chat, it’s easier for clients to leave you
• How to stay profitable during the pandemic
• How to reduce the stress of working from home (family interruptions, work space, maintaining client relationships)
• How and when to bill for phone calls and video chats
• How to manage staff from home
  • Can I come if I’m not a CPA? If you’re a tax professional or you own an accounting practice (or want to someday), you will still get a tremendous amount of value out of this event.
  • Is CPE Credit Provided? For CPAs from qualifying states, you will receive between 22 hours CPE credit. This event does not qualify for CPE credits in the following states: AR GU HI IA IL NY PA PR TX.
  • I have a question you didn’t answer. Can I talk with someone? Call (480) 565-8000

About Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright is an international speaker and world wide authority on saving taxes and building wealth, a Rich Dad Advisor and the bestselling author of “Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes.” His mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors just like you get richer, quicker.

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* This event does not qualify for CPE credits in the following states: AR GU HI IA IL NY PA PR TX.